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Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

Hi friends! This DIY is so simple and is such a great addition to your home decor. While the Farmhouse Beads tutorial (here) was such  success, it had its limitations when trying to decorate with them. So, I decided to try a DIY Wood Bead […]

Farmhouse Wreath

Farmhouse Wreath

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DIY Farmhouse Beads

DIY Farmhouse Beads

I am excited to share with you a quick, easy, and inexpensive project that will add a little farmhouse detail to your home. This project took me maybe 15 minutes to complete and it was so easy to do! I found all of the materials I needed at Michales. I am sure any craft store would due. Here are the supplies you will need:

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Wood Beads (any shape and size you like)




Start by wrapping the twine around your hand. I decided to spread my fingers apart to make the circle of twine bigger. This will become the fringe on the end and I prefer the fringe to be more on the longer side.

After you wrap the twine around your hand multiple times, thread a long piece of twine through the loop and tie it at the top. The piece of twine that you thread through will become the top part of your wood bead loop so you will want to make it long enough for your beads. I add a lot of extra to the top as well for threading purposes. I found that threading twine through wood beads can sometimes be difficult and I was cutting the end of my twine back a lot as I was adding beads. It was easier to thread the bead on a fresh end of twine rather than twine that has started to fall apart, especially when you are starting the loop by double threading each bead.

After tying the long piece of twine to the tops of your loop, you can start putting on your beads. To start, you will want to put beads on both pieces of twine. This is what I was talking about above when I mentioned cutting the twine often. I found this part to be the most frustrating. I also twisted the end of the twine really tight before threading the bead and that worked really well. You can add as many or as little beads as you would like. I chose five for this project.

After threading your desired amount of beads on both pieces of twine, start to put beads onto each piece of twine. I like to put about 10 beads on each side but you can put as many or as little as you would like.

Once you have put your beads onto both pieces of twine, you can tie your twine together at the top. You’re almost done! You now have the beads on your twine but your fringe is still tied in a circle.  Keep reading to find out how to finish you farmhouse beads with beautiful fringe.


You will want to tie a new piece of twine around the top part of the circle of twine. Then, wrap the twine around and around until it looks like you would like it to. Once you’re done wrapping, tie a knot in the back. Then, cut the bottom of you loop of twine and fluff up your fringe.

Finally, you have a beautiful farmhouse bead garland that can be used to add that special little farmhouse flare to your home.

Thank you for reading and I hope this DIY project turns out great for you! Leave your comments below to let me know how it goes.