About Us


Hi friends!

~Welcome to Needle and Pine~

We are Will and Kate Carter. We have a  cute baby boy named Easton and two precious pups, Kaiden and Jayde. In 2016 we bought our 1885 farmhouse that sits on 5.5 acres of beautiful country land in Johnstown, Ohio. We are currently in the process of renovating our beautiful home to give it a modern farmhouse feel while preserving its amazing character. So far, it has been a journey with uneven floors, multiple different additions, and a failing foundation. We will share some of those adventures on our blog.

We also started our very own Christmas Tree Farm last year. I never knew I would be a Christmas Tree Farmer but it has turned into the most fun family filled adventure. We have planted a lot of tiny, baby trees and plan to plant more each year. When we aren’t working on the house, planting trees, or doing DIY projects, I am teaching little first graders and Will is engineering his way through large construction projects.


Kaiden is our Siberian Husky and Jayde is our German Shepard-Coyote mix. They are full of adventure and energy. Anyone who knows huskies knows they are independent pups and these two definitely get into some adventures!

Join us on our journey as we experience the adventures of adult life and pursue our dreams here on Needle & Pine.