Diaper Review

There are so many decisions that come with becoming a new parent. Should we co-sleep? Which monitor should we choose? Which bottle would work best? What kind of lotion should we buy? Stroller? Car seat? Crib? The list goes on and on. One that seemed to skip my mind was which diaper brand to choose. Lucky for us, our friends and family are amazing and threw us a few diaper parties to celebrate our new little one and to help us prepare for our new baby.

We received so many Boxes of diapers from different brands like Pampers, Huggies, and The Honest Company. We have yet to buy a box of diapers and Easton is 9 weeks old! It has been wonderful and it has definitely saved us money! At first I was thinking we should take some boxes back and exchange them for the same brand. But then I decided to give each brand a try to see which one we liked best for Easton.


Pampers is definitely a popular brand. We know several people who use Pampers on a regular basis.

Pampers Pros:

  • Blue line to indicate wet diaper
  • Soft material
  • Flexible
  • Pull tabs worked well
  • Easily distinguish between front and back
  • Not too expensive
  • Can purchase at most stores

Easy use was very helpful for those late night diaper changes when we were half asleep and Easton was screaming wanting to be fed or snuggled up instead of getting his diaper changed. Time and patience is limited so being able to easily see which side was the front and then securing the tabs quickly was wonderful!

Pampers Cons:

  • Diaper would feel damp on the outside when filled
  • Could sometimes smell wet diaper
  • Plain designs


The Honest Company



  • Cute designs
  • Didn’t feel damp on the outside when filled
  • Made with eco friendly materials
  • Bundle packs that can be scheduled to be delivered monthly
  • Easy pull tabs


  • Plastic type material on outside
  • Not obvious front and back
  • Not at every store or low stock at some stores




  • Soft material
  • Blue line to indicate wet diaper
  • Flexible
  • Cute design


  • Felt damp on the outside when wet
  • Tabs would sometimes rip when pulled too hard
  • Not easy to distinguish front from back
  • Can smell wet diaper


Our Top Pick

After trying all 3 types of diapers it was a toss up between Pampers and The Honest Company. We really liked how soft the Pampers were however we did not like how the diaper would feel damp from the outside when dirty. It would make Easton’s clothes feel damp and then you kind of felt dirty. This made me lean more towards The Honest Company. While they might not be as soft and they may be a little more expensive, feeling clean and dry was more important to us. And, the cute designs were a bonus!

Each baby and family is different. You have to find what works best for you. I hope you found this post helpful! Good luck with your diaper search!