Farmhouse Wreath

Hi guys! I decided to try to create a simple DIY Farmhouse Wreath to add to the decor in my living room. This DIY is a simple and fast way to add a little farmhouse style to any area of your home. You can find all supplies needed at your local hardware store. I picked up my supplies at Michaels.

You will need:

-Faux Flowers 


-Wire cutters

-Grapevine wreath


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Grapevine WreathLambs EarWhite FlowersWireWire Cutters

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First, you will want to take some of your wire and cut it into small pieces. You will use these to attach your flowers to the wreath. After you have cut a few pieces of wire, you can start to cut the long stems off of your flowers and attach them to the wreath.  I chose to attach the Lambs Ear first. I stuck the stem down into the wreath then attached the flower to a few branches of the wreath with the wire. Once you twist on the wire, you will probably want to trim the wire down a little so it doesn’t poke through. Make sure you stick the stems in going the same direction all the way around the wreath.


After you I added the branches around the wreath, I thought it looked a little full so I cut back some leaves to get it just the way I liked it. Then, I started to add some of the white flowers to give it a little added touch of detail.  I also attached these with wire to make sure they stay in place. There ya go, a simple farmhouse wreath!

Right now, I have this wreath leaning up against one of the windows in my living room and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to find some other good places for this guy.

Thanks for checking out the post! I hope it is helpful in finding that one extra piece you’re looking for in your decor.