Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Needle & Pine respects the privacy of its users. The information below informs you of the privacy policy in place when you visit needle-and-pine.com. 

Personal Information

When you visit needle-and-pine.com, your  personal information is only collected when you share your information. For example, when leaving comments and sending e-mails, you may elect to include your name, e-mail address, and other personal information through your communication with me on our site. Needle & Pine will not sell your personal information to other companies and will not give your personal information to spam lists. Needle & Pine is not responsible for the privacy practices of advertisers used on our site or blog commentators.

Non-Personal Information

Types of information like your IP address, the referring browser, the duration of your visits, etc. may be collected by our website host, advertising networks, Affiliates, and advertisers.


Some advertisers or Affiliates used on this website could use cookies to collect non-personal information such as web pages you visit, the amount of time you visit, etc.

Information Use

Some Affiliates used on this site may use non-personal information to track trends and site traffic to then be analyzed and shared with third parties.

Third-Party Advertising

Non-personal information may be used on Needle & Pine to target third party advertising that would be of interest to you.

Links to Other Sites 

Needle & Pine could provide links to other websites and Needle & Pine is not responsible for the content posted on those other websites.

Affiliate Links

Needle & Pine uses Affiliate links, earning a commission each time an item is purchased from the link used on our site. The price of the item purchased via the link does not change.


Needle & Pine has the right to make changes to the content on our site could make changes to this Terms and Conditions page at any time. It is your responsibility to read the changes to the Terms and Conditions page. Your continued use of the site will act as acceptance to the new content and changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Limitation of Liability

All information on Needle & Pine is for entertainment purposes only. We are in no way professionals in any area and are not responsible for actions taken as a result of reading content on our website. Professional advice should be taken if needed.


The content on Needle & Pine belongs to the owners of Needle & Pine. Any content on Needle & Pine cannot be replicated or published by others unless written consent has been granted by Needle & Pine owners.